Friday, November 19, 2010

Miyobi's Birthday Party

My oldest grandson (David) turned 26 yesterday and his birthday was celebrated at a Japanese Steak House named Miyobi...The videos are not in order...due to my lack of knowledge loading on to my blog but each has some intereting actions...Please enjoy...I did!


UNCA DAVID said...


Now yours is a DANDY BLOG! Really neat and Jeannie Ann and I will try that Pizza! Sunday night supper. Always!

This is my 44th year as a graphic designer and knowing you since I started my business has been a true blessing! Gee, 44 years of a great friendship with you!

BTW - Remember in this early February, we'll both be 75 wonderful years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMING RON!

Many Blessings - Dave Suggs

Uncle Ron said...


Thanks for the comment...Now when is your birthday in February? I'm on the 7th...

44 years is almost half a century...That iiiiiiiiiiiiis a long time...I'll always be gratful for the help you gave me back then...You're a good man Mr. Suggs

Only 25 years to go and we will catch old Strom...hehe