Monday, February 7, 2011

75 Years Ago...The Doctor slapped me on my bare butt...

That's right...and here I am today...3/4ths of a century later, typing on my blog...Back then there wasn't any blogs..There weren't any laptops...(well there were several of them) ...but none you could type on...

As the old saying goes,"I've come a long way, Baby!"

And (like the Energizer Bunny) I hope to keep going and going and going...

I did not follow the rules of etiquette and invited my family and my brother John and his family and my girlfriend Linda (Margie) to my 75th Birthday party at nice restaurant...And...I asked them to pay for their own meals...Of course I said I would furnish the the dessert and party hats...This was not your usual way to have a birthday party...In fact...It was quite a cheap way to celebrate my birthday and receive presents as well...Let me say here that I am very lucky to be related to everyone who came to my party and brought me gifts...I thank you one and all...The party was a success and I know that I personally had a great time...I especially want to thank my daughter Sandra for the wonderful bag of "over the hill" gifts she found for me...They brought many laughs from all that were there... And my lady friend, Linda (Margie) who helped set everything up at the restaurant and took oodles and oodles of photos on her phone camera...
Linda, Cheyenne and Sandra 

 Sue and Bill

Grandchildren David and Cheyenne

Sandy's grandchildren, Tyler and Triston

Niece Mary Lauren and...

husband, Hal

Lori and son, David

Lori and David and Ashlyn

Me and Mike and Sandra

The Cake
Candle blowing time
 Johnny & Marie (reading "Over the Hill Book")

Joey and Sandy

Grandaughter Cheyenne and me

Birthday Card

Son in law Mike

Red Bird Feeder

Survival Chain

Johnny and Marie and Sandy and me

Linda (Margie) and me

Me and Nephew David

Sue and Bill

Nephews Joey and Chip

David and Me

Sandra and grandson Josh


Me and my daughter Sandra

Joey and Sandy

Sandy's grandson Triston
To all who attended and those who could not...I thank you from the bottom of my heart!