Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Town - New Town

The New Township

Boy It's Hot...(photo by Margie)

Beautiful silk flags being sold next to my booth...

                               Panorama of Block Party

The Old Township Auditorium is now...The New Township Auditorium...and it is beautiful...both inside and out...So...for the opening they held a street party with lots of artistic folks selling their wares...I brought my sombreros with me and was ready to do some sketches but the weather was soooooooo hot...I don't think they wanted to sit for me yesterday...But...we (Margie and I)did have a cool breeze most of the day...and there was a large stage with lots of live entertainment all day ...and there was free hot dogs and colas, and popcorn...and  we ended up at a staff party in the basement with lots of good eats (Marge and I loved the boiled shrimp)and drinks...
Jeffrey Day

Miss Olive Oyl

We were honored to have two well known figures stop by for the festivities...The first was Jeffrey Day...Our resident art critic...I guess he came to check out all of the fine artist's work he wouldn't normally see in the museums...and the second was the most famous wrestling fan of all..Miss Olive Oyl...Anyone who has ever attended the famous wrestling matches which the Township was known for will remember her...She use to sit ringside almost in the same seat every week and give those wrestlers, Rick Fair and others a fit with her vocal comments...(Those were the days , my friends)

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