Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mad Lady Maxine of wrestling

Back in 1985 when I had my own commercial photography studio in Columbia, I had the privilege of photographing four young  "Up and Coming" lady wrestlers ...They were moving down to Florida to grapple with more lady wrestlers...They decided to put together a brochure with photos to advertise themselves...Well...the most notable of these women was the tallest...She stood 6'-2" in her bare feet with a mohawk hairdo...She had a great figure and weighed about 170 lbs....She was called Mad Maxine...Since most wrestlers are typed as either Good Guys or Bad Guys...Maxine was a Bad Guy...And she was very formidable when she entered the ring...In her move to Florida she renamed herself "Lady Maxine"...

I had often wondered whatever happened to her...Well lo and behold...from out of the blue, I get this e-mail from her the other day...She is writing her memoirs of her wrestling days and came across my name on one of my photos...She googled me and found my blog...This world is getting smaller isn't it? She only wrestled for a year or so...but she made her mark on the wrestling scene...She is listed in Wikipedia as Mad Maxine...Look her up...
(The other ladies in the photo are Peggy Lee Pringle, Angella "Luna" Vachon and Tamara...)

Is life not good?


Anonymous said...

Your photos were/are just amazing. We were lucky to encounter you and I credit your photos with finding work down in Florida. A belated THANK YOU!


Ron said...

Hey Uncle Ron,

I have enjoyed browsing your blog and getting to know a fellow 'Uncle Ron.' I tried to respond to your email and received a permanent delivery failure message. Apparently my email (gmail) was rejected by your server.

Will try again later and if you have another email address send it along.


Uncle Ron (Sweden)