Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

 Last night there was an event we will never ever see again in our life time...a total lunar eclipse...Check out the photo taken from the National Post magazine credited to ...Doug Murray/Reuters...What a fantastic shot...Please check out the other photos on their web site...

And now check out the one taken by yours truly ....hehe

Pretty similar ...don't you think?


Tommy said...

Ron, this is absolutely amazing. The detail of the craters is just wonderful. And you say that you used a camera phone. Boy, their quality certainly has improved over the years. I mean you 'd almost think that it was a rotten tomatoe, but of course we know better.

I hope that you're going to have this professionally printed and framed so that everyone can take in the beauty of your shot..

Anonymous said...

The moon has shifted on it's axis--panic--the earth will be flooded by tidal waves and earth quakes will abound...HOW COULD YOU?
The sky is falling...the sky is falling!...YIKES!