Friday, April 2, 2010


Hooray...I came home last night from the pool room and my clothes didn't smell...(from cigarette smoke)...That's right...That awful nicotine smell that permiates your shirts, jackets, pants, whatever you have on...I quit smoking about 30 years ago and never looked back...that means I never have wanted another cigarette ever again...I could remember when I did smoke and became highly incensed at a restaurant whose owner decided to post "No Smoking " signs on his tables in the rear of his place..(that's were I usually sat) ...I said to him..."You're a smoker...where are you going to smoke?" He replied that he was going to smoke out the back door when he needed one...I told him he was crazy...That was 30 years ago...

And now my pool playing, cigarette smoking friends are incensed that they have to go outside to fulfill their need..."Times are achangin" Bob Dylan

(for the better...I hope)

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