Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jerry turns 76

My good friend Jerry Tiemann turned 76 on April 7th....We've been frinds for over 40 years...In fact...Jerry was one of my first bosses when I first moved to Columbia...In 1960, Jerry headed up the SCETV Art Department...In those days, ETV was just emerging to become the finest ETV in the Nation if not the World...I went to work for Jerry in 1962...He was the most vibrant art dirctor I have ever worked for...And he is also one of the finest men I have ever known...Here is a little video of Penny and I singing "Happy Birthday" to Jerry...This the first video I have put in my blog, so bear with me... video

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Barbara Bair Goodman said...

Hello, my father was George Bair...remember him??