Monday, September 13, 2010

1977 Photo of Sutro Tower in San Francisco

This a digital copy I made of a photo I took from a helicopter in San Francisco in 1977, when I had a photo shoot there...I had hired the helicopter for one hour and my photo shoot was ten miles south of S/F...It only took me 15 minutes to take the photos I needed then (I was doing an aerial shot of a school named Nueva in Hillsborough)...I asked the pilot if we could could fly up to S/F so I could take some shots of this tower...The reason I wanted to do this was because my brother John was then working for the company which fabricated this tower in Columbia, SC and shipped it in pieces to S/F for construction...When I returned to Columbia...I had a 16 x 20 color print made of it which I gave to my brother to hang in his office...It was a big hit there and his boss wanted to know how he came by it...When he found out I took it ...he ordered a copy for himself...That wast back in 1977... 

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