Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I ate Victorian Perch last night...

Last night I attended a dinner at a restaurant in West Columbia with a wonderful group of folk called the Sociable Singles....We meet every Tuesday night and try out various restaurants around Columbia...Last night we were at a Greek restaurant named "the Grecian Garden"...I arrived early and saw written on the Specials's Board...Victorian Perch...$10.95

It sounded vry different and something I would love to try...Here's what one of these babies looks like...

Today I looked it up and here's what I found...Lake Victoria perch was formerly called the Nile perch. However, it is not a true perch, nor did it ever live in the Nile. The fish was introduced into Lake Victoria to control the population of another species. It has nearly destroyed the lake's 350 native species of fish and has worked its way to the top of the lakes food chain. It can grow to enormous sizes. Perch weighing 240 kg (530 lbs) have been reported. Typical commercial sizes range between 3 and 6 kg (7-13 lbs). This fish is the most important fish food in Africa.

The fish was fried and tasted very good...Actually...It was delicious...Try it...You may like it too!!!

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