Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ray's e-mail on pollution

My blogger friend,Ray, sent me this e-mail recently which I asked him if I could put it on my blog...Read on and you will see why...

Years ago, before I retired onto a much lower income,

I used to spend frequent weekends at one of the resorts
out on the west coast of Vancouver Island, because near
there are some lovely long open sandy beaches.
The water's usually colder than a mother-in-law's heart,
but on a nice day, it's still a very pleasant place to be.

I used to ride a mountain bike along the edges of the surf,
and even then, over 25 years ago, it was surprising how much
plastic trash washed ashore from the ocean. Mostly plastic bottles,
like this story says, but also pieces of broken fish nets, poly ropes,
and stuff like that. It's beginning to be obvious that we can't
continue using our oceans as the ultimate garbage disposal -
yet that's exactly what we're doing, and not just with plastics.
There's also untreated sewage and industrial wastes being dumped
into it constantly. Our oceans are becoming a gigantic septic tank
which never gets cleaned out because nobody knows how or
where else to put that stuff.

This wasn't so noticeable when there were a lot fewer of us doing it,
but these days, the world population is increasing faster & faster
as there becomes more and more of us - in my lifetime alone,
the world's population has tripled, from around 2 billion to over 6,
nearing 7 billion. What other spacecraft do we know about which
can keep on accepting endless additions to its passenger list ?
None, of course - and neither can this one, but everyone seems to
be looking the other way and pretending there's no problem there.

Global warming isn't some isolated condition that just happened to
pop up while we weren't looking. It comes directly from the numbers
of us and our constant demands for 'more & better everything'
of course, and the only permanent solution to that would be to impose
a limit on the total numbers of 'passengers' allowed to ride this craft.
And any time you want to start 'World War Three', just try floating
that idea around freely. If they can't blackball you or brand you as
an alarmist nutcase, they'll find some other way to shut you up.....
I'd bet on that. But sooner or later, we'll have to deal with all that,
or else kiss our asses goodbye and watch it all 'fade to black'.
- Ray.


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